Academy Alumni Podcast

Welcome to the Wildlife Leadership Academy Alumni Network Podcast! Each episode, we’ll be interviewing a fellow Alum at various stages in their lives AND in various careers.

Our goal for these episodes is to introduce/discuss topics that will be valuable to all of you.  Our goal is to support YOU, Academy Alum, from high school to college to career!

*Production note: for now these podcasts will be posted on this page for listening –  someday soon we hope to have them on itunes as well…stay tuned!


Episode 1 (April 2018): Is Grad School for me?

In this episode, Michele interviews Alum Jackie Rosenberger who is currently getting her biology degree (minor in GIS) from Shippensburg University.  Jackie graduates in the Spring of 2018 and is headed to get her master’s degree at the University of Georgia.  Her research will focus on white-tailed deer.  Listen to find out why she chose to go to grad school right from college, to learn about her process for deciding where she wanted to go, and what life choices influenced her decisions.  Michele wraps it up with 3 Things to Think About while considering “Is Grad School for Me?”.



Have an idea for a career topic you would like covered OR would like to be interviewed on the podcast about one of your experiences? Shoot Michele an email at and let her know!