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At the Pennsylvania Drummers field school you spend a week learning all about our state bird, the Ruffed Grouse, it’s habitat needs, biology, management and more!


PA Drummers takes place… 

at the STONE VALLEY RECREATION AREA  in the heart of central Pennsylvania near State College.  Accommodations include a large classroom space, basic cabins with bunk beds and shared bathrooms.


The 2017 PA Drummer Field School dates are: July 18-22

A team of wildlife and outdoor professionals…

teach at the Pennsylvania Drummers field school from various agencies, conservation organizations, universities and more, including the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Penn State Extension, Ruffed Grouse Society, West Virginia University, Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Powdermill Nature Reserve.

See our full list of instructors and their bios here: PA DRUMMERS INSTRUCTORS.


From one of our students!

The program allowed me to work at a position of leading and working for the protection and preservation of wildlife.  The experience was something I was able to take into high school,college, and beyond!




  • GROUSE DISSECTION: Students learn all the unique traits of a grouse's anatomy led by PGC's state wildlife veterinarian Justin Brown.
  • PLANT COLLECTIONS: Students collect and press plants that are important to grouse. Collections are lead by ecologists from Powdermill Nature Reserve and Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
  • FOREST ECOLOGY: Students learn, in the field, about forest ecology from Penn State Extension's Dave Jackson.
  • NATURE JOURNALING: Students learn how to nature journal and get the opportunity to practice what they've learned during some early morning quiet time.
  • RADIO TELEMETRY: Students learn how to use tools that biologists use in the field like radio telemetry.
  • FIELD SITE VISITS: Students go on a tour to look at various types of early successional habitat that are important to grouse and woodcock led by Ruffed Grouse Society biologist, Linda Ordiway.
  • BIRD BANDING STATION VISIT: Students take a tour of Powdermill Nature Reserve's bird banding station and learn about their long term migration research program.
  • INSECT OBSERVATIONS: Students learn about what types of insects grouse eat and why they are important for their diet from PGC wildlife diversity biologist, Tammy Colt.
  • RANGE TIME: Students spend time shooting clays at a local range.
  • TOWN HALL MEETING: Students are challenged to represent different points of view at a town hall meeting about a gas well-pad coming near their "town".
  • BIRD DOG TRAINING: Students get a glimpse of the behavior of bird dogs during a field demonstration.
  • GRADUATION! Students are educated and excited about their time at PA DRUMMERS, ready to represent the Wildlife Leadership Academy in their home communities!