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PAY IT FORWARD is the Wildlife Leadership Academy’s annual youth fundraiser where we challenge the current year’s class of students and alumni to raise $500 each and Pay It Forward to the new class of incoming students.

You can read the stories of our students on their Pay It Forward fundraising pages and give your support to a student’s campaign today!

Kaden Robinson

At the Pennsylvania Bucktails Field School I spent five days learning about our state mammal, the white-tailed deer, its habitat needs, biology, and management.  I want to give the future students every opportunity to do learn how to become conservation ambassadors in their communities. GIVE TO Kaden’s fundraising page today!



Laurie Enders

At WLA I was able to be a leader, and that was such a great feeling. I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime at the Wildlife Leadership Academy.  I would like to Pay It Forward to the next class of WLA students because WLA gave me such an amazing, educational, life-changing experience, that I want the next class of students to go home feeling as wonderful as I did. GIVE TO Laurie’s fundraising page today!


Nathan Greenberg

I participated in the Wildlife Leadership Academy’s Brookies Field School during Summer 2017. I learned that even though I am just 14 years old, there are many things I can do to have a positive impact on the environment right in my own community. I am working to Pay It Forward to the next class of Wildlife Leadership Academy students so they have the same opportunities that I had to learn about conservation and give back to our environment.  GIVE TO Nathan’s fundraising page today!


Jonathan Simak

Thanks to the great instructors, I learned a lot about fish biology, ecology, habitat management and also about the importance of using media to help conservation. The Wildlife Leadership Academy is a great place for anyone who likes outdoors and wants to know more about wildlife and what can be done to protect it. In just one week of the Field School, much better understanding of conservation and environmental issues can be gained.  GIVE TO Jonathan’s fundraising page today!


Eva Dillon

After attending Wildlife Leadership Academy, I feel like I’ve gained so much confidence and insight to go out and make a difference in the world! The information and skills I learned at this week-long camp changed my life. If it had not been for the students and donors that Paid It Forward in previous years, I would not have been able to attend this camp! I am so grateful for the opportunity and would love to help give back so that others can experience it to.  GIVE TO Eva’s fundraising page today!



Cavan McIntyre-Brewer

I attended the Brookies program for the Wildlife Leadership Academy, which was a unique experience for me. I was able to learn about the Pennsylvania Brook Trout by dissection and observation, but more importantly I had an opportunity to learn about ecosystems and how they are upset when we don’t monitor them and respect the balance of nature.  GIVE TO Cavan’s fundraising page today!



Nina Morales

This past summer, I attended the Pennsylvania Drummers field school where I was educated about the ruffed grouse and its habitat. As a scholarship recipient, I would like to thank those who participated in Pay It Forward to allow me to attend this school. It is my honor to give back to the school and allow more people to experience what I did. No one should ever be hindered from learning because of cost. GIVE TO Nina’s fundraising page today!


Peyton Nuske

My favorite part of the Gobbler’s field school was the turkey calling competition. My team got first place and each member received a box call as our prize. The most interesting thing I learned is the way to tell a turkeys age by looking at its spurs and tail feathers. I would like to Pay It Forward so that other kids like me can have an amazing experience.  GIVE TO Peyton’s fundraising page today!



Garrison Russ

Honestly I can say that the discipline aspect of the program is where I feel that they really excelled. I wouldn’t mind doing the Pay It Forward fundraiser mostly because of the assistance that it would provide. If there is some teen out there that wants to help save marine life but can’t afford it, then they should be given the opportunity to try and experience the real world and what it provides.  GIVE TO Garrison’s fundraising page today!


Hannah Aument

I attended the PA Bass field school in the summer of 2017 and had a great experience. I learned about bass, their ecosystem and how to protect it. Protecting the environment is very important and participating in the Pay It Forward program will teach future generations about conservation efforts. WLA is a great program to be apart of and if I can help with that I will do as much as I can.  GIVE TO Hannah’s fundraising page today!


Faryn Steckiel

After reflecting on my time spent at the Drummers field school, I can say with confidence that it changed my life forever. This experience has presented me with more information than I could ever ask for! If it weren’t for the Pay It Forward program, I never would have had this opportunity. Attending the Wildlife Leadership Academy has enhanced my love for conservation and has brought me even closer to the natural world.  GIVE TO Faryn’s fundraising page today!


Leah Stern

Leah Stern

This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Wildlife Leadership Academy. There I learned about the white tailed deer and its effects on the Pennsylvania environment from professionals in the field. The experience I had at field school was so valuable and I want others to be able to have the same opportunity that I did.  GIVE TO Leah’s fundraising page today!



Amber Konarski

WLA taught me so much about things such as plants, habitats, the ruffed grouse, and especially conservation. I want future generations to be able to learn about conservation in a fun and exciting way so that we can have more and more youth ambassadors. This will help create a better and healthier world.  GIVE TO Amber’s fundraising page today!



Sarah Benzio

Sara Benzio

In June, I attended the Pennsylvania Bucktails Field School which revolved around the conservation and education of our state’s mammal. My goal is to raise $500 that will go toward the tuition for students to go to the Academy and hopefully gain as much knowledge as I did in my experience there.  GIVE TO Sara’s fundraising page today!



Freya Bairdsen

Freya Bairdsen

The WLA field schools I’ve gotten to attend over the past few years, Bucktails, Ursids and Bass as a volunteer, have been important experiences for me. I want to help pay it forward to the next class of WLA students because I know intimately how much the program can do for you. I would not have been able to attend the field schools without financial aid myself, and I want to do everything I can to help make sure the WLA’s priceless experiences are open to every student.  GIVE TO Freya’s fundraising page today


Hannah Krause

I attended the Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education’s Wildlife Leadership Academy during the last three summers. The week was balanced with team building, learning, games, and competitions. I made a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun. Funds for the organization empower the Wildlife Leadership Academy to mentor passionate students. These students will become tomorrow’s conservationists. Support the organization, SAVE THE WORLD! GIVE TO Hannah’s fundraising page today

Matt Ford

My Wildlife Leadership Academy story began on June 14-18, 2016. I attended the Bucktails Field School. I’ve always loved wildlife and have been fascinated specifically by the whitetail deer. So, when I heard that the Wildlife Leadership Academy had a four day field school focusing on whitetail deer, I decided I just had to attend. I originally went to this camp to learn about whitetail deer, but as soon as I got to the camp, I found out that they were going to teach me so much more!  GIVE TO Matt’s fundraising page today

Donovan Faith

When I first learned about the Wildlife Leadership Academy I was at a 4-H meeting and a Drummers student did a presentation on the Academy. I decided to attend the Brookies camp. This field school was more than I had expected. Instead of just learning about trout, we learned leadership skills, how to work together as a team, and discipline. Even many months later I still use these skills I learned in my everyday life!  GIVE TO Donovan’s fundraising page today!


Stay tuned for more pages to come!  To date our student’s have pledged to raise $4,250 and are reaching out to communities through education and service work as you read this! You can learn more about what are students are up to on our youth blog.

“The WLA changed my life, so I would like to help provide the same experience to another youth interested in the future of our world. ” – Student Sarah M. on why she wanted to Pay It Forward


The Wildlife Leadership Academy is a cooperative initiative of various state agencies and conservation organizations. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You donation is tax-deductible. 

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