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Snake Catcher

Mitch, one of our Monthly Correspondents and a PA Drummer, writes about his adventures on the Juniata River. He saw a black snake making its way across the water and decided to investigate the situation further:

The Life of a Minnesota Lake

This post comes to us from Freya, a Bucktails and Ursids alumni, and one of our Youth Blog Correspondents.  She writes about the formation of the many lakes of Minnesota, which give the state its nickname, “the Lake… Read More

As Summer Nods To Fall…

Jon, a PA Drummer, wrote this piece, describing how summer fades into fall.  The imagery he uses is truly inspiring, and his photographs capture the essence of the beauty of fall! Just as a relay-runner hands the baton… Read More

Adansonia digitata – The Baobab, or “Upside-Down” Tree

The Baobab tree, Adansonia digitata, is native to the African Savanna, and as you can see the tree is very interesting. The Baobab is known as the “upside-down” tree, because when it is bare, which it is just… Read More

Reports from the Field: Pennsylvania Bucktails, a First Year’s Personal Account

Not even a week after the Pennsylvania Bucktails field school, student Alex, shared her experience by creating a website – we were impressed and proud!  Below is the text from one of her pages called: “My Story”.  If you would… Read More