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Tag: life-changing

Caprine Clean Up Crew- Goatpacking with a Twist

¬†Cavan, a Brookies alumni and new monthly blog correspondent, writes this week’s post about a unique project he works on that benefits his community and local environment.¬† His efforts with these hard-working, intelligent animals pay off in a big way!

Reduce and Reuse, not just Recycle

This week’s blog post focuses on the topic of recycling and its two lesser known counterparts: reduce and reuse. The post is written by Monthly Blog Correspondent, Zara M, a Drummers alumni. She digs into landfill and recycling statistics, while cycling through her thoughts to offer up some suggestions to all of us.

Earth 911: America is Running Out of Room

This week’s post is a call to awareness about America’s landfills – and about one of our student’s passion for decreasing our contributions to these quickly-filling disposal areas. Calvin, a Drummers and Ursids alumni, shares his ideas and highlights some compelling reasons why we should all get on the recycling bandwagon!

Application before Education

Rebecca attended our Ursids field school, and is a Monthly Blog Correspondent. In reminiscing about field school, she remembered a previous encounter with the subject of Ursids, and recounts the adventure here!

Shinrin-yoku: “forest bathing”

Julia is a Bucktails alumni, and writes this guest post about how we can all enjoy shinrin-yoku in our lives. Describing the restorative properties of the practices, she makes a strong argument for making the time to get back to nature!