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Tag: monarch butterflies

Winter of the Monarchs

This week’s blog post focuses on the Monarch Butterflies and the obstacles that are now in their way due to human encroachment on their habitat. Hannah K, 2nd year Monthly Blog Correspondent and a Brookies, Bucktails, and Drummers alumni, delves into the events that have begun to threaten the Monarch Butterflies’ livelihood.

Monarch Butterfly Migration

The blog post of the week was written by Monthly Blog Correspondent, Lakin P, a Ursids alumni. She informs us about some small, colorful insects. Monarch Butterflies are unique in the fact that they migrate across such a large distance. Lakin also raises an issue that may affect future generations of Monarch Butterflies.

Beneficials in the Garden

This week, Hannah, a monthly blog correspondent and alumni of the Bucktails, Drummers, and Brookies field schools, writes about considering our more “showy” pollinators in the garden. She takes us deeper into the world of butterflies, and why they are key players on the pollinator field.

More Monarch Butterflies in Mexico, But Numbers Still Low

This week’s blog post is written by Hannah, a monthly correspondent and Drummer’s alumna. Perhaps her experience and writing will convince you that something needs to change to increase the numbers of these beautiful creatures.

The Winter of the Monarch

This week’s blog is written by Hannah, a monthly blog correspondent, and Bucktails and Drummers alumni and ATL. She has worked hard to establish an officially recognized monarch waystation at her local high school, so it’s no surprise that even though it’s winter, Hannah has plenty of info to share with us about these gorgeous little insects!