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White Breasted Nuthatch – Sitta carolinensis

Eli, a Brookies and Ursids student and ATL, writes about the white breasted nuthatch, sharing ways to identify the bird, as well as other interesting information!   “The White Breasted Nuthatch is a very common bird and is… Read More

Think Warm!

This collage of photos was created by Rachel, a Bucktails alumnus – she took the photos during the warmer months of 2014.  Hopefully this little taste of summer will help us get through the last of the cold… Read More

Wood Duck Nesting Box Brings A Variety of Avian Visitors

Logan, a PA Brookies graduate and Assistant Team Leader, shares his experience with the wildlife found right in his backyard!  It is amazing the variety of species that make use of his wood duck boxes.   I am lucky… Read More

Bird as Guardian Angel

Guest contributor, 11 year old Novella, shares a story about a startling experience she had in which a bird came to her rescue.  She reminds us that nature can be both fascinating and a little frightening! There are different things… Read More

Come Blaze a Trail With Me

Jacob S., a 2013 PA Brookie, shares his experience in the field as he prepares to blaze a trail for his Eagle Scout project this spring: “I went out hiking at the Howland Preserve today. The purpose of… Read More