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The Life of a Minnesota Lake

This post comes to us from Freya, a Bucktails and Ursids alumni, and one of our Youth Blog Correspondents.  She writes about the formation of the many lakes of Minnesota, which give the state its nickname, “the Lake… Read More

A Family Tradition

This week’s blog post is written by Tracy, who attended both PA Bucktails and PA Ursids.  She writes about the strong tradition of hunting in her family, and about an exciting bear hunt she went on with her… Read More

Rescue Mission

Will, a PA Drummer, writes about how an average day can sometimes take a turn into an extraordinary experience – you just never know when someone (or some bird) will need your help!  An average day at the… Read More

Not Very Sleepy Hollows

This weeks blog post is written by Freya, especially for Halloween!  Read on…if you dare! Not Very Sleepy Hollows “There is a tree that’s standing still though it is dead, it has its fill of things that hoot… Read More

Summer Fishing

Julie, an Ursids alumni, writes about fishing with her father over the summer in this week’s blog post.  As the weather gets a little chiller every day, it’s nice to remember the warmer days of summer! Over the… Read More