Creative Arts

Nothing says more about our passion for the outdoors than writing about it or recording it with paints, pencils or photos – use the passion inside you to create!

Sketching project

Create a drawing inspired by nature; include a description and photograph in your record book.

15 pts per sketch
Painting project

Create a nature inspired painting using acrylic, water colors or any paint media! Include a description & photograph in your record book.

15 pts per painting
Photography Portfolio

Create a portfolio of photographs of local flora and fauna. Portfolio must include a minimum of 10 photographs; include a caption with each photo.

25 points
Nature Journal

Write, draw, record in a nature journal and submit the journal with your record book. Journal should include a minimum of 5 entries.

25 points

Complete a taxidermy project; include documentation of your process including pictures.

30 points per mount; 10 points per pelt/fur
Submit your project to a competition

Share your creativity with the public (local fair, poetry contests, art galleries, etc.) by submitting your artwork at events.

5 pts per submission
Scientific Illustration

Create an original illustration of a plant/animal in the scientific style.

20 pts per illustration
Miscellaneous activities

Any other art project not covered in the above. Be creative - do a collage or modify photos digitally to make them more interesting, make a quilt in grouse colors - let your imagination soar!

5-100 pts