Media is a strong part of our culture. Taking the time to share your story and passion with the public through media will inspire others to create change themselves.

Print – Original Written Article for a newspaper, magazine or the internet

Submit an article to a magazine, newspaper, newsletter or webpage. Include a copy of the submitted article and proof of submission (i.e. letter to media) in your record book. If published, include a copy of the published article.

30 pts written article **10 bonus pts if published
Talked to media and quoted in an Article

Contact the local media and tell them your story! Include the published article where you were quoted in your record book.

15 pts (even if ultimately not published)
Print – Mention of your outreach in the local media

Include a copy of the mention of you doing your outreach in your local newspaper, newsletters, or website.

10 pts/mention
Radio/Television Interview

Contact your local radio or TV station and tell them about your experience at WLA. Include a recording of your interview and/or document your interview with photographs and include in the record book.

50 pts
Next Generation Blog Post

Write a blog post (with photos) for the Academy’s NexGen blog or become a regular Monthly blog Correspondent.

20 pts per blog submission
WLA Facebook Page Participation

Send 5 nature photos, journal entries, or nature inspired poetry to be posted on the WLA Facebook Page. Record the date sent and what you sent.

10 pts per submission
Miscellaneous activities

There are many ways to communicate through media – if your way doesn’t fit the guidelines – still submit it. Any other media project not covered in the above.

5-100 pts