There is no better way to give back to your community. Service allows you to continue your learning, help the organizations you care about and connect with people who share the same passion.

Activities with Wildlife Biologists

Provide details of what you did with the biologist and include photographs of your time in the field.

10 pts/hr in the field
Assist local conservation organizations with service projects.

Provide details of the project that you worked on and include photographs of you working on the job.

10 pts/hr
Event Assistance

Provide details of what you did to assist at the event. If a presentation was also made, submit separate signed activity form.

5 pts/hr assisting
Research project

Have questions that you want answered – why not answer them yourself? Conduct a research project; must complete a research proposal and final report. Topic should be approved by Outreach Coordinator.

20 pts for proposal completion; 30 pts for project completion and final report
Academy Fundraising

Pay It Forward to next year’s students!

Details in PIF workbook
Support conservation legislation

Legislators often vote on issues pertaining to protecting the environment - let them know why it is important.

Support conservation legislation
Organize a Service Activity

Organize an event that helps maintain/restore your local environment (creek clean up, trail maintenance, etc.).

10 pts/hr (includes time planning & duration of actual event)
Miscellaneous activities

Any other service project not covered in the above. Opportunities for conservation service work are all around you & we haven’t thought of them all – tell us what you’re doing!

5-100 pts