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Pay It Forward

Hi, my name is Caroline Vancura and I am a Conservation Ambassador and want to Pay It Forward to the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders!





My favorite part of participating in the Drummers field school was all the intensified learning opportunities. There, I learned more than I’ve ever learned before – more than just the basics. The most interesting thing I learned was about habitats. The instructors taught us that young growth forests are essential to ruffed grouse as well as a variety of other species, which I thought was interesting because I’ve always heard that leaving forests be was the best way to care for them. Wildlife Leadership Academy (WLA) doesn’t just focus on the wildlife part; they also teach about and increase our leadership skills. I learned that teamwork is arguably the most important part of being a leader; before, I knew it was important, but WLA really stressed learning about and participating in teamwork as part of leadership.

I want to pay it forward because I believe WLA really helped me in my chosen path and taught me more than I knew it was going to. I want to help others join so that they can experience this as well. Also, I’m kind of expected to pay it forward because I got a scholarship to get in :).

Thank you for helping me in Paying it Forward!  ~ Caroline

Below are some of my favorite photos from field school + one outreach one!

Me looking up to the canopy of a tree as we learn about forestry.
Every morning, we woke up early to do cadences, which taught us leadership and teamwork skills.
In this outreach photo of me after the field school, I am painting signs as service to help my local Scout Camp.
Give today and help me Pay It Forward!


We will be known forever by the tracks we leave. ~Dakota

The Wildlife Leadership Academy is a cooperative initiative of various state agencies and conservation organizations. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. You will be supporting a worthy cause who’s mission it is to engage and empower the youth of our communities to ensure sustained wildlife, fisheries, and natural resources for years to come.