Molly Diefenbach

Molly is a senior at the University of Wyoming this year and will be applying to veterinary schools next fall.  An update in her words…

My main interests of study are wildlife and large-animal medicine.  This past summer, I worked at the USDA/APHIS National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, CO on an oral rabies vaccine trial in skunks, raccoons, and coyotes.  This job really helped to open my eyes to wildlife diseases and how that carries over to domestic animals – a subject that really interests me!  While spare time is hard to come by, I do enjoy skiing in the Colorado mountains, showing cattle, volunteering at the local veterinary clinic, hunting, hiking, and fly-fishing in the wild Wyoming wilderness.

What Molly has to say about Wildlife Leadership Academy:

In just one week, I left my field school with more leadership skills, more passion, and more connections to professionals in wildlife and conservation than I could ever dream of.  As an assistant team leader the following year, I learned just as much if not more from the students, the mentors, and the experiences.  From animal necropsies, to plant identification, to radio telemetry, I have yet to find another opportunity that is as educational, stimulating, and rewarding as WLA.