Nature on Two Wheels

This week’s blog was written by Ruth S., an Ursids alumni. Ruth would like to pursue a career in law. She attended the academy because she was looking for an opportunity to strengthen her leadership skills.

Mountain biking is one of my favorite sports. I bike with my dad on the weekends early in the morning. We get there before the crowds and it becomes a way for us to reconnect our relationship with each other after a long week and a way to connect to the environment.

Me biking over a flat-topped tree trunk
A view of the forest from a high point on a mountain bike trail
View from the parking lot of the mountain bike trails in fall
Me at the top of the mountain during fall

Each weekend brings a different terrain, dirt washes away or trees fall. It’s always exciting to see what will be different about the trail each time. The storm on September 1st, 2021 brought a couple of trees from over the trails. Either you avoid them, go over them, or they stump you. Each season brings new beauty. As we exit summer, I think back to the humidity storms and the change in terrain. I look forward to fall, where the terrain may not change as much, the views of the changing color of the leaves brings me back to the trail each week with excitement.

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.