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Our Vision

Read the 2016 Recap to get an update our our vision!

The Academy’s current three year vision is to:

1. Expand our exclusive Conservation Ambassador program. Through partnerships and additional staffing, three additional field schools will be developed focusing on bass, turkey, and plants. By meeting this goal, 432 more youth will be engaged and in turn will contribute to conservation education and service work in their communities.

2. Connect our Conservation Ambassadors through an Academy Alumni Network. The Academy Alumni Network will offer connection as our students continue to grow in their careers by offering support in the form of career advice and networking opportunities. The network will also make the Academy more sustainable by encouraging alumni to mentor new students, serve on field school advisory boards, and volunteer/work at the summer field schools. Meeting this goal will ensure success for our Academy Alumni, 700 strong by the end of 2018, through a network of support as they move from high school to college to career.

3. Launch the Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) program. The ALT will be an advanced leadership and professional development program in civics, conservation and leadership for Academy alumni, engaging them with environmental policy makers and enriching their transition into college and the work place. Meeting this goal will mean that our first class of ALT students will graduate by 2018.


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