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Tag: habitat

American Pika and Climate Change

Julia, a new monthly correspondent and Bucktails and Bass alumni, writes this week’s post about how climate change affects the American pika. She explains the different dynamics that come in to play when the weather patterns pika rely on in their habitat change in drastic ways – and how they may not survive a permanent change in those patterns.

Our National Parks: The Roots of Conservation in America- Part 2

This week’s blog post is part 2 of Freya’s three week blitz! Freya is a Bucktails and Ursids alumna and monthly correspondent. Read on to find out more about our nation’s national parks!

Red Sky at Night

This week’s blogpost is written by Gabe, a monthly correspondent and Ursids alumnus. He analyzes the sunsets and explains why they are a little more than a pretty sight! Read more to find out how the sunset can predict the future!

Join the Resistance! The Fight Against Invasive Plants

Ever wonder what those plants are that are taking over your backyard? or the side of the road? or the nearby hiking trail? Freya, a monthly blog correspondent and Bucktails and Ursids alumna, writes about her battles with these few invasive plant species and her battle to rid them from their improper homes.

Monarchs of Western Pennsylvania

Cecilia is one of our Drummers alumni, and wrote us this blog post about the monarch butterflies she and her family find on her farm. There have been a few changes she has noticed over the years, and she shares her hypotheses with us…things to think about as we perhaps dream of warmer weather during these winter months!