Welcome (Back)!

We hope as an Academy Alum you still hold close to you our mission for you to become leaders in conservation. Whether it is in your career or your day to day life or both – we are grateful that you are a part of our legacy – and are making a difference.

The first Wildlife Leadership Academy field school Pennsylvania Bucktails was established in 2007 with just 24 students in attendance. Today, there are over 400 of you with careers as wildlife biologists, marketing specialists, engineers and more!

As an Academy Alum, we want to ensure that you are successful as you grow from a young adult into a career professional.

The Academy Alumni Network’s goals are to connect you with each other, provide you with career support, and continue to have you engage with the Academy program.



Updating your information with us allows us to keep you updated on current events and opportunities and gets you an invitation to join our Alumni Networking platform on Slack.



What are the benefits to you as part of the Alumni Network?

Connect with Other Alumni – Connection is key!  Update us with your information, find other Alumni on the Alumni Directory, and share your successes.

Get Support – Engage in our online Slack Group with fellow Alumni where you can ask career questions, see job postings, networking, and more!

Find Opportunities in Service – Stay engaged with the Academy by working, volunteering, and/or donating!


 What you do matters – we’re so glad to have you back!