Note from the Director

Every year our students at the Academy show us that they are willing to make a difference for conservation of our natural resources.

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Michele Kittell

At each field school, we ask the adult participants to describe how they felt after the field school.  PA Drummers adult mentor, Claire Orner wrote, “….so inspired to see the energy of the up and coming leaders in the field of conservation.  These students will make positive change.”

This is exactly what we strive to do at the Wildlife Leadership Academy.  Each year, we believe that we are empowering a group of teens not only through knowledge but by also teaching leadership skills. Most importantly, we ask them to put everything they have learned together in order to engage their home community.  We agree, they will make a difference.

I have always believed that when you set expectations high – people will rise to meet them.  Every year students at the Academy break the stereotypes of teenagers and show us that they are ready and willing to make a difference for the conservation of our natural resources.  They rise to meet the challenges we give them.

I hope you will rise to meet our challenge as we launch our Establishing a Legacy campaign to raise 1 million dollars over the three years.  We plan to (1) expand the number of field schools we are offering, (2) create a network of support for our alumni ensuring their future success as they move from high school to college to career and (3) challenge our youth even more through an Advanced Conservation Leadership Training Program.

I believe these three actions will help to establish a conservation legacy that we can all be proud of.  There is no better investment in our future than the education, leadership training, and mentorship of our youth.

I invite you to join us on this journey and help us to fulfill this vision as we end our year with our second challenge to raise $100,000 through our #10fortheNextGen campaign.  Give 10 for the next generation of conservation leaders today.  You will make a difference.

Yours in doing what matters,
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