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Raising Monarch Butterflies

This week’s blog was written by Josephine R., a Bass alumni. Josephine hopes to find a job in the Environmental Science field, possibly as a Park Ranger or Environmental Scientist. She enjoys not only nature, but also dance, theater, and other artistic talents. Josephine also likes gardening and raising chickens as pets and for egg production.

A Journey Awaits At WLA

This week’s blog is a guest post written by Lily G., an Ursids and Brookies alumni. Lily is active in her community as she holds a student position on her township’s Environmental Quality Board, serves as the president of the Horticulture Club, and is a member of the SAFE Club (Students Active For the Environment). She plans to attend college after high school and pursue a career in conservation law enforcement, education, or architecture.

America’s Original Squirrel

This week’s blog was written by Haden S., an Ursids alumni. Growing up in the country, both the outdoors and animals have always been a huge part of Haden’s life. Hiking, fishing, horseback-riding and fishing are his favorite hobbies. Haden wanted to attend the Wildlife Leadership Academy to learn more about the natural world and how to protect it for future generations.

Changing Leaves

This week’s blog was written by Audrey M., a Gobblers alumni. Audrey loves wildlife and would like to make their passion for the outdoors into a career one day! WLA has been a great opportunity for furthering their portfolio. The program has taught them more creative ways to teach others and help the environment. Audrey has started to incorporate wildlife into their art, which brings another part of their personality to their work.