DCNR Ranger Trainee – Oil Creek State Park

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is looking to hire a Ranger Trainee at Oil Creek State Park. This position involves participating in a one-year formal and on-the-job training program to develop the necessary skills and techniques in the areas of public contact and customer service; current developments and issues in the areas of outdoor recreation and conservation; conservation principles; environmental education; public safety; departmental policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; and law enforcement, in order to perform the work of a DCNR Ranger. Specific duties will include assisting with patrols of the park and its facilities and responding appropriately to any situation that may arise. These situations may include safety issues, park visitors that require assistance, emergencies, and violations of Commonwealth or Park laws, rules, or regulations. Other duties may include completing monthly and daily logs, including the status and condition of campgrounds, facilities, equipment, visitor safety, incidents, citations, arrests, accidents, and attendance; preparing launching, mooring, and camping permits by entering the information into the Reservation and Revenue System; and collecting fees and assisting in the preparation of transmittals by checking daily receipts for accuracy and making bank deposits.

Deadline to apply is April 5, 2024.