Ray Derman

Ray Derman is a Freshman at Camden Catholic High School located in Cherry Hill New Jersey.  Ray attended PA Drummes in 2015 as a student.

More about Ray in his words…I like to run Cross Country and Track and  my hobbies including hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.  Recently I have been working on three of my outreach project making flies out of grouse feathers, managing my grandfather’s 50 acre woodlot for grouse and deer, and appearing as a guest on Catskill Forest Association’s “From the Forest” Radio show on WIOX to talk about grouse management and the Wildlife Leadership Academy.  I also recently scheduled a visit with the Audubon Society to talk about managing the Pine Barrens.  There I plan on giving a walk through presentation on managing for different game species.  This is all so I can complete my four outreach projects for the Wildlife Leadership Academy.

A couple of Ray’s flies!

Ray Derman Fly 1 Ray Derman Fly 2

What Ray has to say about Wildlife Leadership Academy:

The Academy is very important to me because it taught me the skills I needed to talk to people about the benefits of managing for my favorite bird species, the Ruffed Grouse.  It also taught me how to go about doing it myself.  Not only was it enjoyable it it also taught me things that I would need to know to take my role in conservation to the next level.