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  • December Student of the Month – Emma C.

    Our December student of the month is Emma Coulter! Emma has been with the Academy for two years – first attending as a student last summer, and returning this summer as a peer mentor! Emma has dedicated herself to being an amazing Conservation Ambassador, and her conservation efforts truly shine. Emma has long been a …

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  • Nature and Technology

    This week’s blog was written by Mary G., a Bucktails alumni. Mary would like to study wildlife conservation in college and go on to become a wildlife biologist. She attended the academy because she wanted to meet wildlife biologists and learn what their jobs are like. Mary also wanted to learn about our state animal, the white-tailed deer.

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  • A Glimmer of Hope for Bats in the Fight Against White-Nose Syndrome

    This week’s blog was written by Emma C., a Bucktails alumni. Emma is an avid student, ballet dancer, and nature lover. When not at dance or school, she enjoys hiking, photography, painting, watching musicals and movies, learning interesting histories, and especially reading. She was extremely excited to attend the Academy because as she puts it, nature is her, “safe place” where she feels at home. Her favorite quote is by the brilliant conservationist Rachel Carson, “One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, ‘What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?’”

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  • Bird Banding With Penn State

    This week’s blog was written by Sierra R., a Bass alumni. This summer Sierra returned to the Wildlife Leadership academy as an Assistant Team Leader to continue to learn about the environment and the many career fields available. Sierra’s hobbies include hiking, nature journaling, Girl Scouts, and theater.

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  • Caverns of the Mid-Atlantic

    This week’s blog was written by Kendal M., a Brookies, Bass, and Gobblers alumni. Kendal learned about the Wildlife Leadership Academy through their school’s Envirothon coach. Kendal has participated in Envirothon for five years. Their other hobbies include band, art, and softball. Kendal hopes to continue involvement with WLA throughout college and their career.

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Nominate a Teen Today!

We are now taking nominations for the 2022 field school season. Academy students gain extensive knowledge about wildlife, fisheries, and conservation plus develop leadership and communication skills. Do you know of a student who would benefit from our program? Nominate them today!

Our Mission

The mission of the Wildlife Leadership Academy is to engage and empower high school age youth to become Conservation Ambassadors to ensure a sustained wildlife, fisheries and natural resource legacy for future generations.

Becoming a Conservation Ambassador

Our student’s Conservation Ambassador journey begins as they attend rigorous summer field schools that focus on wildlife/fisheries biology and conservation as well as leadership skills development and continues with community outreach through education, service, media engagement, creative arts, and outdoor mentorship.  Take a tour of a field school below or click right through to learn the benefits of being a part of the Wildlife Leadership Academy and apply!

PA Bucktails

Focusing on white-tailed deer, their biology, habitat and management.

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PA Bass

Focusing on bass and warm water conservation.

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Focusing on brook trout and coldwater conservation.

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Focusing on ruffed grouse and early successional habitat.

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Focusing on the wild turkey, their biology and habitat engagement.

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Focusing on the black bear, its biology and habitat needs.

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