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At the Pennsylvania Brookies field school you spend a week learning all about our state fish, the brook trout, its biology, cold water conservation and more!

PA Brookies takes place…

at the SIEG CONFERENCE CENTER along a beautiful fly fishing stream in central Pennsylvania near Lock Haven.  Accommodations include a large classroom space, barrack style rooms with bunks and shared bathrooms.

2019 PA Brookies Field School dates are: July 23-27

A team of fisheries and coldwater conservation professionals…

teach at the Pennsylvania Brookies field school from various agencies and conservation organizations including the Pennsylvania Fish and Board Commission, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Penn State Extension, SeaGrant, Clearwater Conservancy,  and the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited.

See our full list of instructors and their bios here: PA BROOKIES INSTRUCTORS.


From one of our parents!

My son has decided that he wanted to go into the biology field after high school, I feel that this school gave him a good look at what it was going to be like.  It was “icing on the cake”! Thank you!



  • TROUT DISSECTIONS: Students learn about the anatomy of a trout from PFBC biologists.
  • MACROINVERTEBRATE COLLECTIONS: Students collect and learn about macroinvertebrates in the on-site stream from Penn State Extension Entomologist Greg Hoover.
  • WATER QUALITY TESTING: Students learn how to do stream water quality testing with help from Trout Unlimited and the PA Senior Environmental Corp.
  • FIELD SITE TRIPS: Students learn about various features of streams - in this case a visit to a limestone spring led by Clinton County Conservation District educator, Scott Koser.
  • FIELD SITE TRIPS: Students learn about the concept of the upstream of a river affecting down stream - in this case they visit a local farm and learn about how the conservation district and the farms work together to improve and/or prevent stream degradation.
  • POPULATION ASSESSMENT: PA Fish and Boat Commission biologists demonstrate how data is collected on trout in our streams and talk about the different species of trout.
  • TROUT HATCHERY TOURS: Students go on three hatchery tours including a PFBC state fish hatchery, a USFWS hatchery and a private hatchery.
  • MEDIA SESSIONS: Students practice their leadership skills through various media session Q&As.
  • TYING FLIES: Students learn how to tie flies with mentorship from local Trout Unlimited Chapters.
  • FLY FISHING: Students learn the art of casting and fly fishing with mentorship from local Trout Unlimited Chapters.
  • TOWN HALL MEETING: Students represent different stakeholder groups at a town hall meeting where the issue of drilling for natural gas in a "local town" is addressed.
  • STREAM HABITAT ASSESSMENT: Led by biologists from Trout Unlimited, students learn hands on how to complete a stream habitat assessment.
  • TRI-FOLD CREATION: Students create a tri-fold based on the subject they are most interested in to later use for conservation education during their community outreach.
  • GRADUATION: Excited by everything that they learned, PA Brookies graduates stand proud and ready to become conservation leaders!