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Tag: birds

A “Ruffed” Winter

This week’s Blog Post was written by Emma O., a Drummers Alumni! She writes all about the Ruffed Grouse, and the many interesting ways they are able to survive Pennsylvania winters.

My Passion for Photography

This weeks blog post was written by Devin G., a Bucktails Alumni! He gives us some tips on how to take a better photo, and includes some great pictures he took as a reference!

Falconry: The Ancient Sport

This week’s blog is written by Clay R., a Drummers alumni and a monthly blog correspondent. He writes about how Falconry is used in present times and how it is beneficial to both predator and prey.

The Northern Cardinal

This week’s blog is written by Mia J., a Drummers alumni and monthly blog correspondent. She writes about the habitat conditions for the Northern Cardinal, and how to distinguish the difference between males and females.

The Cumberland Gap Hawkwatch

This week’s blog post is written by Peter L., a Drummer, Ursids, and Gobblers alumni! He writes about the Cumberland Gap Hawkwatch and the experience of watching migrating raptors!