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Tag: creative arts

Outreach Highlight: Alana’s Outreach Lens

One of the most exciting things about receiving the outreach record book submissions is seeing how each student puts their own unique spin on their projects. Some students enjoy mentoring others in nature, while others prefer to give presentations about their Academy experience. Today we are highlighting the work of Alana M., a Bucktails alum who took the creative arts category by storm with an extensive photography portfolio capturing the beauty of the places she has visited and the things she has seen.

Outreach Highlight: Celebrating Brayden’s Outreach Accomplishments

Today, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our outstanding alums, Brayden R., whose journey since attending the Bass field school last June has been nothing short of remarkable. From utilizing his newfound knowledge to embracing creative endeavors and actively participating in community outreach, Brayden’s story encapsulates the excellent work the Class of 2023 Conservation Ambassadors have been doing in their home communities.

Outreach Highlight – Ryleigh’s Conservation Journey

After their field school experience, students engage in outreach projects and become ambassadors for conservation in their community. In this blog post, we shine a spotlight on Ryleigh L., a passionate Bucktails alumni who has seamlessly translated her love for nature into impactful community projects.

Sassafras: Tree of Teas, Leaves, and Mysteries

Peter, a Drummers and Ursids alumni, writes this week’s blog post about the Sassafras tree – demystifying some of it’s more unusual properties, sharing its history, and giving identifying characteristics so that you will know the unusual tree, should you come across it in the forest. Peter details the many uses of the sassafras tree, and includes many of his own great photos so you can be sure you are identifying the tree properly.