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Beautiful Brookies

This weeks blog post was written by Jacob D., a Brookies Alumni! He describes Brookies, also known as the Native Brook Trout.

Dive Deeper

This weeks blog post was written by Eileen C., a Bucktails and Gobblers Alumni! She writes about her introduction to snorkeling, and all of the life teaming beneath the water’s surface.

Saving Cranberry Glade Lake: A Research Assessment

This guest post is written by Peter L., an Ursids, Drummers, and Gobblers alumni, who is writing a special 4-part series, detailing his journey towards applying for the William T. Hornaday Silver Medal Award, through the Boy Scouts.  As part of earning this award, scouts must “plan, lead, and carry out four significant projects in natural resource conservation or environmental improvements,” and Peter has written a blog post for each of his projects.

Stream Enhancements

This week’s blog post is written by Nathan, a Brookies alumni.  He details some of the work he did with local organizations to help improve trout habitat in his local waterways! Recently, I worked with the PA Fish… Read More

Loggerhead Turtles

This week’s post is written by Lakin, a monthly blog correspondent and Ursids alumni. She tells us all about some big, sea-loving creatures! They have a bit of a rough start at the beginning of their lives, facing some tough odds from predators, but they grow up to be pretty sizable contenders as adults.