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On The Hunt: Lucky Day

This photo shows two doe grazing

This weeks bonus blog post was written by Rosalie S., a Bucktails Alumni! She describes a cold morning during archery season where the weather wasn’t ideal, but luck turned her way. 

Beautiful Brookies

This weeks blog post was written by Jacob D., a Brookies Alumni! He describes Brookies, also known as the Native Brook Trout.

Eastern Indigo Snake

This weeks Blog Post was written by Carter W., a Brookies Alumni! He describes the endangered Eastern Indigo Snake, as well as it’s lifestyle and habits.

My Passion for Photography

This weeks blog post was written by Devin G., a Bucktails Alumni! He gives us some tips on how to take a better photo, and includes some great pictures he took as a reference!

Upland Bird Dogs and Hunting

A brown and white dog lifting one paw and pointing its nose into the distance. He is standing by a field and green grass

This weeks blog was written by Zachary M., a Gobblers Alumni! He discusses bird dogs, and how he trained his own German Shorthaired Pointer to hunt.