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Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus

This weeks blog post was written by Molly H., a Drummers Alumni! She explains all of the efforts Chatham University has made to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus.

Dive Deeper

This weeks blog post was written by Eileen C., a Bucktails and Gobblers Alumni! She writes about her introduction to snorkeling, and all of the life teaming beneath the water’s surface.


A red squirrel with nuts in his hand, standing on a branch

This week’s Bonus Blog was written by Jacob D., a Brookies Alumni! He talks about the different types of squirrels native to Pennsylvania, as well as their habits and benefits for the state.

Hike With Care

A group of students posing at the base of a waterfall

This weeks blog post was written by Laura M., a Bass Alumni! She describes a trip to Ricketts Glen State Park and gives some detailed advice on precautions to take when on the trail.

ECO Camp

Canyon in forest

This weeks blog post was written by Carter W., a Brookies Alumni! He writes about the opportunities afforded to him by a summer camp in the Poconos.