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The American Beaver

This week’s blog post was written by Zachary M., a Gobblers Alumni! He describes how the American Beaver almost reached extinction but were repopulated thanks to the efforts of wildlife conservationists. He also talks about the ways in which they benefit the environment.

The Art of Nature

This weeks blog post was written by Emma O., a Drummers Alumni! She describes the things she took away from her time in the Drummers WLA camp. Most notably, a passion for depicting nature in art.

The New National Park

This weeks blog post was written by Molly H., a Drummers Alumni! She writes about National Park Cities, and the initiatives London is trying to bring about to aid in animal conservation.

Beneath a Rock

This week’s blog post was written by Eileen C., a Bucktails and Gobblers Alumni! She encourages us all to take time to appreciate the small wonders of nature.

On The Hunt: Lucky Day

This photo shows two doe grazing

This weeks bonus blog post was written by Rosalie S., a Bucktails Alumni! She describes a cold morning during archery season where the weather wasn’t ideal, but luck turned her way.