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A Hidden Gem

This week’s Blog was written by Devin G., a Bucktails Alumni! He describes Black Moshannon State Park, and how it was saved after extreme logging devastated the area.

A “Ruffed” Winter

This week’s Blog Post was written by Emma O., a Drummers Alumni! She writes all about the Ruffed Grouse, and the many interesting ways they are able to survive Pennsylvania winters.

Restricting Recycling

This week’s Blog Post was written by Molly H., a Drummers Alumni! She discusses recycling restrictions, and why you may be doing more harm than good if you’re not aware of the rules in your area.

Trail Cam

This week’s Blog Post was written by Eileen C., a Bucktails Alumni! She talks about all of the exciting moments she has captured on her trail cam, and includes a few photos for us to view!

Eyes to the Sky

This week’s blog post was written by Laura M., a Bass Alumni! She writes about meteors, meteorites, and meteor showers! She also describes the best conditions for seeing one.