This week’s blog is a poem written by Sinclaire O., a Bucktails alumni. She writes about the wonderful things you can find in the ice if you look close enough.

I’m more than a block of frozen
Matter that sits around taking up Space.
I may keep you cool and
Simmer you down from the heat,
But there is more to me than a
Chunk of frozen water.

Frozen water found on a hike at Lacawac
Ice formed on moss

If you look closely, I form
Shapes and swirls that can be
Viewed with a close look
of an eye. I form patterns and
Hold memories in between
The spaces of time.

Bubbles trapped in the ice
Leaves and bubbles trapped under the ice

Some don’t think of ice
As being so nice; but if
You look past your insecurities,
There might be beauty
Hidden in the misconceptions
Society labels me with.

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.