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Stag Beetle Adventures

This post is shared with us by Cole T., a 2015 Bucktail, who encourages everyone to get out in nature and document their adventures!

Stage Beetle photo captured in action
Stage Beetle photo captured in action

“On my way to work in the morning, this fairly large Stag Beetle crossed my path.  As you may notice, I took this picture with my cell phone.  I want to stress the importance of this.  I encourage everyone reading this to go outside and bring your cell phone and a journal.  You don’t need an expensive camera to be able to go outside and enjoy nature.  Please try that at least once this summer.  Go on adventures, and document them in a nature journal.  You don’t have to be a great artist.  I’m certainly not.  But it’s very fun to draw and write about different things.  It really helps you appreciate nature more.”