Experiences with Birds

The other day, I watched a movie called The Big Year.  It was a comedy with Steve Martin and Jack Black as the good guys and Owen Wilson as the antagonist.  In the story, each of them was trying to complete and win a big year, which was to get the most bird species out of everyone else.  It was amusing and inspirational in the way that it made me want to try a bird count on a smaller scale.  And so I did, and at the end of my 15 minute bird count, I was happy that I had tried something new as well as that it had been really fun.  I sat just outside my house, which is surrounded by woods and while my friend and neighbor, Madi, did her homework with me, I counted 7 different species and then tallied up how many of each I had seen.  It was a rewarding experiment that broadened my experiences, even if it was just by a little bit.

Journal Entry by Sarah G. PA Bucktails Student and Assistant Team Leader,
photo by Brook M., PA Bucktails Student and Assistant Team Leader