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An Odd Bite

This week’s blog post is written by Mitch, a monthly correspondent and Drummer’s alumnus. Mitch dives into the mysterious reasons why the fish in his pond are acting very strange… Check out his ideas!

Last fall, I went fishing at a pond near my house in Hollidaysburg, PA. The pond is adjacent to Sylvan Hills Golf course. Throughout the few days I fished the pond, I noticed something unusual about the species habits. Normally, fish tend to bite more at night time, and in the early morning. Also, the fish activity is said to be higher when the weather is cool, and raining. I noticed in this pond, that these fish seemed to almost have the exact opposite habits that would be believed of them to have. The fish would bite more during the daytime, and not at all when the weather was ideal. Instead, it was very hard to predict their habits, and I could only fish as much as possible, and hope to catch a few. My hypothesis as to why these fish react is such unusual ways lies in the golf course. I assume that the pesticides and fertilizers put into the grass at the golf course may be seeping into the underground water system, and might even be going into the pond. This could cause the fish to have these unusual reactions and habits, and could also eventually kill them. I think that the golf course managers should take action, and test the water in that pond. If the pond would test positive for pesticides, then maybe they should rethink exactly where they apply these fertilizers and pesticides.

fish pics-mitch 007fish pics-mitch 005