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The Night of the Buck

Grace, a Brookies alumna and monthly correspondent, writes about her blind experience with a buck, with hyper hearing and but blind in the night. Read on about her observations and interaction with nature!

One chilly evening, as I was sitting creekside near a crackling fire, I admired the quiet darkness around me at my Lycoming County cabin.  Being deep into the woods, at least two miles from the nearest neighbor, the silence was deafening.  It was if my senses were disabled, not being able to see in the darkness, and I could hear every rustle of leaves.  The fire was dying, and so was my energy.  As I collected my things to head inside for the night, I heard a tremendous crashing of branches of leaves.  In the pitch black, I couldn’t see anything but I could hear the clopping of cloven hooves, and the snorting of a large white- tail buck.  I heard him rubbing and snorting, rubbing and snorting.  As I was listening, I figured this magnificent creature would return the way he came; across the lawn and the road, and over the fence.  However, I was in for quite the surprise.  In this black night, I still couldn’t see the buck, but I heard him, crashing through the brambles and brush, and plunging into the Loyalsock Creek.  Splashing across, I could gradually hear his noises fade as he exited the water and trotted into the woods beyond.


The next morning, as I awoke in the early light, I took a short hike around the property, looking for anything the deer may have left behind.  After searching for a bit with no luck, I finally found proof the white- tail did pay me a visit.  I looked to my left towards the stream I saw a small douglas fir tree with some of its inner stem exposed, and its fallen branches laying beneath it.  Seeing the deer rub, I was sure this buck passed through the night before.  Hopefully, we will meet again, but I can only hope I will finally get a glimpse of this massive white- tail deer.