This week’s blog was written by Grace H., a Bucktails alumni. Grace is interested in studying mathematics and international diplomacy. Attending the Wildlife Leadership Academy was an experience that allowed her to develop an understanding of ecology from an environmental lens.

While humanity displays the skill of creating, we simultaneously create incomprehensible waste causing the incredible parts of our species to result in harm upon all living creatures on our planet. It is easy for one to view themselves as too microscopic for their actions to make the outcome of the planet of the earth any different, but the fact that an entire species shares this mindset is what has caused the disturbing waste production.

Composting Bin!

Composting is an effective and low maintenance way to minimize an individual’s amount of garbage sent out. Composting allows organic content to decompose into soil which can fuel ecosystems. Organic content like fruit and vegetable scraps and peals, plants like shredded raked leaves, and coffee grounds or filters. Composters can cost as little as $50, and while the process may seem like a chore, it can turn into a fun activity, especially for kids! Composters can be implemented in homes or schools/places of work where people are often eating and would have scraps. If you feel especially committed to the idea of composting, you could even purchase a composting toilet!

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