Fishing at Shaggers

This week’s blog was written by Kierra O., a Gobblers alumni. Kierra hopes to pursue my career as a veterinarian. She attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy to see if she wanted specialize in wildlife veterinary care. Kierra has always been in the woods growing up and she knew that this camp was something that she was going to enjoy. Kierra takes interest in hunting, fishing, hiking, and multiple other outdoor activities.

On August 27, my family and I went to Shaggers. It’s lake near Parker Dam. Our morning started out a bit bumpy. We didn’t catch a whole lot of fish. Later throughout the day our luck turned for the better. But the sun was no part of that fun. We all had blazing red skin and my uncle had it the worst. My uncle was so sunburnt that looked like a full blown lobster.

This is my mom’s Snapping Turtle
This is a little glimpse of what Shaggers looks like

In the mid half of our day we could look out by the swallow area of the water and see little turtles basking in the sun. Then my mom caught a good sized snapping turtle. We usually catch one every time we go to Shaggers. Also, there’s an Osprey nest that’s been there for years. I absolutely love going there. It’s a great place to spend some quality time with my family.

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