Focusing on Nature

Liz G.

This week’s blog post is written by Liz G., a Gobblers alumni! With the winter cold coming to an end, Liz writes about the warm spring air allowing her to enjoy nature. 

This was one of the warmest days ever in February for the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I started my day by taking my dog outside to let her stretch her legs. That’s when I looked up and saw the sky. Usually it is too foggy or too late to see the sunrise, but I caught one this morning. I saw the cotton candy clouds slowly moving across the pines and heard the sweet sound of robins chirping. I realized that spring had finally come, even if it was only for a short day.

After school I decided  to go for a walk with my dog to enjoy the weather. I noticed how much she perked up once she felt how warm it is out. Being out in nature reminded me once again of Taoism, a philosophy of life. The basic principle is to avoid conformity and become one with nature. A goal of this is to understand nature and the universe by cutting yourself out from society. While I was walking I thought about this and simultaneously turned down my music. I listened and heard birds chirping, the wind shaking the trees, and the patter of my dogs paws. It is honestly amazing what you can notice in nature by focusing solely on it…