Fun in the Sun

This week’s blog correspondent, Laura, is a Bass alumni, and describes her family’s yearly trip to Cape Henlopen – an adventure in camping, crabbing, and biking!  Some true summer fun in the sun!
Laura M.

Every summer my family and I head off to the beach. But we aren’t like most families who go to the beach. Most go and rent a fancy house or hotel room near the boardwalk and go to a crowded beach where you can hardly move ten steps without stepping on somebody. My family doesn’t do that. We go to this small campground called Cape Henlopen State Park. We set up our small tents and go to a part of the beach where there are only a few people and we love it. But we don’t just go and play at the beach. There is so much more to do than that. Along with just going and relaxing on the beach, we hike, bike, fish, and do so much more.

This is me fishing off of the pier in Cape Henlopen.
Cape Henlopen is full of outdoor opportunities, it is hard to choose what to do. My family really enjoys hiking and biking on all of the different trails located within the park. On days that we want to go to the beach, we hop on our bikes and ride to the beach access. On other days, we will bike around on the various other trails in the park. Our favorite trail is the Gordon’s Pond Trail. This trail takes you through the woods, over a mile-long bridge, and through a saltwater marsh. This trail has beautiful scenery and you can see lots of wildlife. I have seen many deer, egrets, gulls, and lots of other animals.
My brother at the side of a trail taking a picture with the local wildlife.
This though, is just one of many trails available to hike and bike on and all of these trails are enjoyable. Along with hiking and biking, we like to go fishing and crabbing. We either fish off the pier or we put our kayaks in the bay. We have caught spot, croaker and flounder. Crabbing is fun; however, we never catch enough to eat. But I don’t care, I’m not eating a crab or a fish. It’s just fun doing catch and release. Everyone should experience a park like Cape Henlopen! We return year after year and it’s always the same – some of the best fun under the sun!
One of the beautiful scenes from on the Gordon’s Pond trail.