Outreach Highlight: Alana’s Outreach Lens

One of the most exciting things about receiving the outreach record book submissions is seeing how each student puts their own unique spin on their projects. Some students enjoy mentoring others in nature, while others prefer to give presentations about their Academy experience. Today we are highlighting the work of Alana M., a Bucktails alum who took the creative arts category by storm with an extensive photography portfolio capturing the beauty of the places she has visited and the things she has seen.

Last summer, Alana’s high school hosted a trip to Europe. She was able to explore Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest. Along the way, Alana captured photos of plants, the beautiful landscape, and animals she encountered.

In addition to her travels and photography, Alana drew winter-related nature sketches, featuring reindeer, crocus, holly, snowdrop, and winter jasmine, reflecting her artistic talent and creativity.

Alana’s winter themed sketches.

Alana’s family outings also contributed to her outreach accomplishments. Apple picking at a local orchard with her family allowed her to photograph the orchard’s crops and participate in a fall festival, where she learned about their alpacas! They also attended college visits to North Carolina State University, Penn State University Park, and Delaware Valley University together. These were not just educational opportunities but also moments where Alana connected with nature, whether through sketching a pear on the road or capturing the scenic campuses with her camera.

Photo Alana captured at a local orchard.
Alpacas at the orchard.
Alana’s sketch of a pear.
Alana visiting Penn State.

With her camera and her sketchbook, Alana was able to capture the beauty of her surroundings. Her outreach story reminds us to explore, learn, and appreciate the world around us. We are so proud of Alana and all of our Conservation Ambassadors’ outreach accomplishments!

The photos used in this blog belong to Alana M., a Bucktails alum.