Outreach Highlight – Josh is Serving Up Conservation

March 1st marked the final deadline for this past summer’s class of Conservation Ambassadors to turn in their outreach record books. We are blown away at out the projects our students have completed in their home communities. In the spotlight this week is the remarkable work of Josh T., a Gobblers alumni whose dedication to conservation goes beyond the traditional boundaries.

While the creative arts section of record books often showcases sketches and photography, Josh has added a unique flavor to this category—literally. Josh explored the preparation of venison – making venison smash burgers and smoking a venison roast for the first time. He crafted an elderberry jam from wild elderberries that he collected. Josh foraged and fried Chanterelle mushrooms that he found in the woods. He also teamed up with his brother Caleb, a Gobblers alumni, to make cider from their home grown apples. We are going to need him to share some recipes!

Josh and his brother Caleb pressed their own apple cider.

Beyond the kitchen, Josh seamlessly transferred his passion for cooking to the service outreach category. He volunteered to help prepare food for a Trout Unlimited dinner. He also filled the service category with many hands-on projects. He participated in a PA Backcountry Hunter and Anglers trash cleanup a local boat launch, spent many hours cutting firewood for The Recreational Aviation Foundation, and assisted the Wester PA Society for Conservation by pulling invasive plants from a local meadow.

Josh and Caleb cutting firewood as a service project.

Josh’s unique approach reminds us that conservation outreach is not confined to a single avenue. Each Conservation Ambassador embarks on their own journey – weaving in their personal interests while serving their communities. We are very proud of all of our Conservation Ambassadors and look forward to sharing more of their outreach achievements as the final record books continue to roll in.

The photos used in this blog belong to Josh T.