Penn’s Cave in Centre Hall, PA

This week’s blog was written by Cody S., a Gobblers alumni. This summer, at the Gobblers field school, Cody learned from experts about turkey species and their habitat. His favorite experience at the field school was learning from all the professionals. At the Academy, Cody also learned skills that will help him become a leader in his community. Cody has done a roadside cleanup, wrote newspaper articles, and created trifolds for display at libraries for his outreach record book.

Last month I visited Penn’s Cave in Centre Hall PA. It was a unique educational experience. When you enter the cave, you climb onto boats that take you on a tour inside the cave. I saw many stalactites, stalagmites, and bats.

View from inside a boat, entering the cave
Boats to tour the cave
Stalactites and stalagmite formations
Stalactites and stalagmites inside Penn’s Cave
Elk, enclosed in a fence near a lake
Elk near a lake at Penn’s Cave

I even saw some elk, deer and a hawk near the lake on the far side of the cave. On the return boat ride, I saw a beaver hut and dam. I highly recommend this cave for anyone who likes adventure.

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