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Rescue Mission

Will, a PA Drummer, writes about how an average day can sometimes take a turn into an extraordinary experience – you just never know when someone (or some bird) will need your help! 

An average day at the pond turned into a rescue mission. Arriving at the pond my friends and I lined up and cast out. We saw several large northern hog suckers and sunnies, but no catfish. After an hour or two of fishing for bluegills I decided to use one as bait. As I approached the pond I notice a Canada goose laying there, which was odd as all the other geese were in the water. So I cast out and approached the goose and I did a quick inspection. During my inspection I noticed fishing line wrapped around its legs.

We attempted to catch it but he spooked into the water so I called my mom. As my mom arrived he was still in the water. It looked hopeless but then he approached the far bank and slowly climbed out. While my mom tried flushing him out of the woods, my friends and I waited for him to come out. We saw him flush and we moved quickly – we threw a towel over him and got to work. We carefully cut and untangled the fishing line and finally he was free. We carried him to the pond and watched as he swam away. Moral of the story is: when fishing, throw out your line or an animal may end up like this!

The rescued Canada goose