Rough, Smooth, and Everything in Between.

This week’s blog was written by Sam P., an Ursids alumni. Sam attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy because he dreams of becoming a game warden. Sam loves to be outdoors and love all things in it. He is an Eagle Scout as well, with which he really enjoys camping, biking, hiking, and absolutely loves kayaking. In school Sam is active in Envirothon, the golf team, rifle team, and tennis team. He is also involved in marching band and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Through WLA, Sam has learned countless new leadership skills to get the public interested in the outdoors and he looks forward to doing so as long as he is able.

Have you ever found yourself fascinated with the texture of nature? From a smooth tree to a slimy frog, a sharp bush to a bumpy toad. Each and every thing in the wild has a unique feel. Now you definitely don’t want to touch everything you see, not the best idea when it comes to a bear or a snake. But when you see a tree, take notice to the uniqueness of the texture.

That’s one bumpy toad!
Rough and pointy
Dew you see it?

Bumpy, smooth, rigid? Is it to help in protecting the tree, does it aid in water flow? So next time you take a walk through the woods, notice how unique thing little detail is. See why it’s like that. Notice just how amazing our world is even in the small things like the textures around us.

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.