Shelly Sea Shore

Grace, a monthly correspondent and Brookies alumna, travels to Florida and tells us about all the beautiful shells in the tide! 

This past week, while I was on vacation in Florida, I went shelling to improve my knowledge of Conchology, which is the study of shells.  Walking in the sandy surf, the water washing over my toes and the warm southern sun shining upon my shoulders, I took notice of all the shells tumbling around in the waves.  From the size of a thimble to conchs the size of my hand shells of all colors were in the waves.  Picking some up for a closer look, I hoped to find a shell that still was home to a mollusk.  As I picked up the state shell of Florida, a Horse Conch, my wish was of seeing and saving another live shell was granted.  Before I could place the specimen in my bag, the shell’s inhabitant made an entrance out of its operculum and began sliding around on my hand.  After I admired the mollusk for a moment, I gently threw the shell out into the Gulf so it wouldn’t suffer from drying out on the shore.

IMG_2374 IMG_2362