Signs of Spring

This week’s blog was written by Danielle G., a Bass alumni. Danielle attended the Bass field school because she loves the outdoors. Danielle plans to go to a four-year college for Political Science or International Relations and Security.

It’s always a pleasure to step outside the school building and into the sunlight on the first warm day of the year when the light dazzles on your face. Today I spent a bit of time outside for the first time in a while and I found it amazing how much I witnessed in just 30 minutes.

Tadpoles squirm their way around their habitat. They’ll soon become adorable toads
Stunning blue jay feathers that I discovered on the ground

A tiny bird curiously chirped as he, with a youthful and vigorous look in his eye, scanned the area for bugs. I strolled to the pond and found hundreds of tadpoles squiggling their tiny bodies around in the water; as I approached, I spooked them, and they disappeared into the squashy mud. A few newly built nests sat in the trees above me. I wondered; what species lived inhabited them? Woodpeckers knocked their beaks against distant trees; maybe they were theirs. Two peculiar oak trees in the woods had large holes carved into them; one was so big and perfectly dug that it could have been the home setting for a tiny animal in a nature cartoon.

Massive, mysterious, and inspirational hole in an old oak tree
Leafy buds appear on a plant; spring has sprung

When I turned back towards the house, I caught two squirrels hopping around in the crunchy leaves, screeching at each other. Red berries and green buds appeared on the plants; I knew that spring was about to come. A flock of robins stood before me, their wings exhausted from a long migration; the vibrant dark blue feathers of a blue jay called to me from the ground. Soon, I thought, eggs will appear in the boxes; newly hatched fish will swim in the deep; fawns and baby turkeys will stride through the yard. The invigoration, hope, and splendidness of a new season; a new chance for all to perform the next episode of life. So exciting!

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.