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Tag: winter

A Mid-winter Mystery

This week’s blog post is written by Wulfgar, a Drummers alumni, who muses about how trees make it through the long, harsh winter months. His curiosity piqued, Wulfgar dug deeper into the mystery of what happens to trees during winter, and found out what special adaptations they have developed to survive.

Geese Migration

Lakin, a new monthly correspondent and Ursids alumni, shares some information with us about geese migration in this week’s blog post. She talks about why they form a “V” to fly, as well as what happens to those geese who don’t complete the entire migration journey!

Snow Effects

Grace is one of our Monthly Correspondents, and a Brookies alumni. She ventured out after a recent snowstorm, and writes about what she saw, and how snow can change our surroundings in a profound way.

Trout Coming Home

This poem was written and sent to us by Jacob S., a 2013 PA Brookie.  It reflects the trout’s journey home to find a mate.  The accompanying photos, also taken by Jacob, show some beautiful winter scenes.  … Read More

Reports from the Field: Snowy Owl

PA Brookies student Logan recently sent me an email to share his very exciting wildlife encounter.  He wrote: Last week I was fortunate enough to observe two Snowy Owls in the wild and was hoping to share my experience…. Read More