A Tree Hugger at Heart

This week’s blog is a guest post by Sinclaire O., a Bucktails alumni and a former NextGen Blog correspondent. Sinclaire is attending college at the Rochester Institute of Technology studying Public Policy with a focus in Environmental Studies and International Relations.

Yes, a tree hugger. That’s me alright. And you know what, I’m okay with that. If there was anything in the world that someone could call me, that would fall on my top 10 list and is honestly more desirable than other nicknames I’ve heard other people get called. But what does being a tree hugger mean to me?

Me, Sinclaire, recently in Sweden hugging a tree
Forested area in Sweden’s Agricultural University

Everyone has different definitions of a tree hugger. How I define it is not the universal meaning. However, how I define it will give you a better understanding of other tree huggers and myself who identify as one. So what is a tree hugger? It is not just a person who hugs trees. Nor is it a person who is solely obsessed with the Lorax. While both of these possibilities may be true when meeting and identifying a tree hugger, they are not the only identifier. For me, it means someone who deeply cares about our environment and will do anything, including going out of their way, to help and aid the environment. You have the option to recycle, even though it may mean there are a little more steps involved than usual? Well if guessed right, I’ll be there making sure you recycle and find easy ways to make it less burdensome. There’s a greener option that might cost more money upfront but long term saves you money and saves the environment? I’ll be the first in line to buy said product if it can mean a cleaner future. The list goes on. But basically, if I can help the trees one action at a time, I will.

Forested area in Sweden’s Agricultural University
Tree on top of roof of Malmö University

If the future can be a little more sustainable because of my actions, I will ensure that is the case. While hugging them might not create the quickest results, I will do that too. A tree can always use a little appreciation for all that they do.

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