A Winter Walk in the Woods

Molly H.

This weeks Bonus blog post was written by Molly H., a Drummers Alumni! She writes about the benefits of venturing outdoors on snow days.

I think it’s safe to say that the polar vortex has caused many of us to be called off school, and I don’t think this will be the last winter storm of the season! So instead of staying indoors on your days off, take advantage of the beauty that the snow brings and go on a walk in the woods with your family or friends.

Deer prints in snow
Footprints in the snow

The woods are peaceful and quiet because most of the animals are hibernating and most people don’t like to go outside when it’s 10 degrees out. The sun hitting the snow makes the forest floor sparkly and pure. I love it when I’m the first one on the trail after a snowfall and the trail is unmarked by others’ footprints. It’s also fun to be on the lookout for animal tracks in the snow!

The sun setting behind the trees

Be sure to wear layers because, although the sun may be shining, frostbite can still get you! Also, it’s best to walk on a path that you are familiar with because the trail may be hard to distinguish. Or, walk on a new trail that is marked with symbols on the trees like I did. A peaceful walk in the woods with good company is a great way to spend your day when school is canceled!