December Student of the Month – Jaidyn G.

Our December Student of the month is Jaidyn G. She has been working on her outreach since the field schools, and recently submitted her record books for the Early Bird check-in date, sharing what she has accomplished so far!

Jaidyn shows her creativity in her projects through the variety of activities she has undertaken, as well as the actual projects themselves. Her first submitted project is a collection of nature photography, and is absolutely stunning! Jaidyn clearly has an eye for the natural world, submitting photographs of insects, mushrooms, trees, and other interesting things she found along the trail.

Jaidyn has also spent time learning more about the elk in her area, attending educational presentations that explain all about their behavior in the fall and what to look for. Additionally, Jaidyn wrote and submitted an article for the National Wild turkey Foundation’s newsletter, Turkey Talk, that addressed her experience at the Gobblers field school.

Jaidyn has also been out and about with wildlife biologists, and had the opportunity to capture, age/sex, and band wood ducks and mallards. Spending time with the PA Game Commission, she was able to learn this valuable skill, and then release the ducks back into the wild.

Jaidyn has been an excellent example of a true Conservation Ambassador, and we are so proud of her accomplishments! We are looking forward to seeing what else she works on in the future!