Following a Deer Family

This week’s blog was written by Melinda J., a Bucktails alumni. She has been interested in nature throughout her life, which is why she attended the Wildlife Leadership Academy this summer. Melinda enjoys watching shows, reading books, and learning. Eventually, she would like to find a career in STEM.

This past spring and summer, I noticed a family of deer living in my neighborhood. Most of the time I see a doe, two fawns, and a young buck together, but sometimes there is another doe around as well. My family first discovered one of the fawns in May when the mother left it in our backyard one day. Ever since, I have watched the family visit our house quite frequently.

The young buck and the fawns walking across our backyard

They usually walk by our backyard to browse on honeysuckle, clover, and other plants, but I have seen them in our front yard eating our bushes and flowers by the windows. Sometimes, they sit in the shade of our neighbor’s maple tree during the afternoon. The trees and bushes in our backyard also provide great cover for them.

The doe sitting and eating by a tree
One of the fawns in our front yard

I had seen the doe nursing the fawns in the summer, however, the fawns are likely weaned or will be soon. I haven’t found out what sex the fawns are, so I hope to see them next year when it is easier to tell. Since the buck didn’t disperse before the new fawns were born in the spring, it will disperse before mating season begins. Hopefully I can continue following the family until then and see some new fawns next spring!

The photos used in this blog belong to the author.