I See, I Say

The journal entry below was written by Philadelphia ZooCREW student, Natasha H.. during one of our times near a stream. Each year the Institute leads a field trip for students for the ZooCREW (Zoo Champions for Restoring Endangered Wildlife) program where we explore the natural history of the Poconos.  

Natasha's Inspiration.
Natasha’s Inspiration.













I see they run on the ground, I see them running round an’ round. For something sweet, something, kind, something to help them survive. I say, I say, you scamper so, slow down, slow down, I say this so. I want to say not   ‘goodbye’ ‘good day’! Yet still you run! One-sided fun! I see, I see where you lead me to rainbow of color that take root to earth not sky. Though some reach for the sky thinking of a past life. I say, I say; as I see a mystery bug right beside me. I ponder what they may be until a bird distracts me, they will stay anyway I’ll come back not today. I saw, I said; no more time to play, time to go to another day. Goodbye those that speed by, goodbye those that don’t say hi; I’ve seen and said and wrote ahead.  Now what say you, do you see too?